What can you expect

Movement teacher Petr Ruzicka says, “Movement is life,” but you do not have to be Peter to find out that the water when it is still spoils. The body works in principle use it or lose it. At my lessons, you will give a hard time to your muscles and your brain by motion games and riddles. Every movement and game teaches you something new about your body and its movement possibilities. You will gradually strengthen your joints, tendons, and ligaments which can protect you from injuries and you may lose the pain in the parts of your body where you had pain.

You will work with your own body, dumbbells, barbells, power rope, balls, poles, and other equipment. You will learn new movement skills (different types of walking, running, jumping and spinal movements) and improve your strength, endurance, coordination, and speed skills. You will work on mobility and strength of your spine, neck, hips, ankles, shoulders, and breathing. Our common goal will be not only good-looking but smart, functioning body that can sense and react to its inner state and surroundings.

Private lessons

Permanent pass 4000 CZK / 10 lessons / 1 person (more people by common agreement)

At the introductory lesson, we will discuss your and my expectations.  I only accept a permanent pass for at least 10 lessons. Details will be discussed at the introductory lesson.

About me

I come from  physically active family. My mother did running. My father played handball and later did conditioning. Practicing has never meant just an aesthetic aspect or breaking personal records for me, even though there was a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the wall in my gym. It was more a supplement that allowed me to enjoy sports and other physical activities. I used to practice with a barbell, dumbbells, and later with a kettlebell. I am adding movement skills to my lessons currently.

During my studies of Physical culture, I worked as a personal trainer, lifeguard, teacher in swimming school, ski, and in-line skating instructor. I played football, did conditioning, and at the end of my studies, I went to study Physical culture in Turkey. When I have a chance, I play frisbee, beach volleyball, go swimming, in-line skating, learn to kite. I like to go to sauna and nature. 

I practice for having a healthy, strong, and mobile body that will make my life easier within every activity at every age. I learn from Peter Růžička and other personalities.

Move my beautiful intellectual. Move!            Tim Minchin


Study and practice

Palacky University, Faculty of Physical Culture, Physical Education and Applied Economics Studies, bachelor and master degree

Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Beden Eğitimi in Yüksekokul, Turkey, Erasmus study (English language, human physiology, volleyball, windsurfing)

Lifeguard (La Pineda aquapark, Spain, Aquapark Uherské Hradiště)

Petr Růžička, Movement 1, Handstand 1, Shoulders, Spine 
Football coach C license (former player FK Kunovice, practice FK Sigma Olomouc, Akademik Sports Center)
In-line skating instructor (Newman school, Olomouc)
Ski instructor (SBschool Kunčice, instructor at secondary schools)
Swimming School Uherské Hradiště, swimming teacher
Personal trainer in Fit4life.cz, Veronika Křeháčková
Complex body diagnostics 1, Martin Snášel, Coretraining.cz
Kb5 Brno, bodyweight, kettlebell, mobility, courses kb5.cz


My name is Marek Hřibňák
Write me at hribnak@seznam.cz
I teach lessons at the gym in Sokol Uherské Hradiště (Tyršovo náměstí 113, Uherské Hradiště 68601)